ProHall – Installation


400W Mixer Amp
2 x UHF Wireless mics
Wall/Floor mounted cabinet
Impressive connectivity

  • FREE delivery included*
  • FREE Connecting cables
  • FULL Professional Installation

For over 15 years the Yamaha sponsored “Prohall” system has remained the audio solution of choice for hundreds of Primary schools and small/medium sized halls across the UK. Powered by Yamaha hardware renowned for quality and durability, Pro-Hall is a high powered, fully integrated professional sound system designed to be easy to use for teachers and students alike. Laptops, phones, media players and a raft of audio equipment including musical instruments such as guitars and keyboards can all be plugged straight into the console making it extremely versatile. Once installed it is very robust with the speakers resistant to ball and impact damage. Sound reproduction, as you would expect from Yamaha, is also of a quality far superior to other solutions in this price range. A fully installed standard education package is available and provides all the basics to get your hall up and running as a real audio resource. The education package contains a simple mini mixing console, 2 x UHF integrated wireless microphones/headsets, a floor/wall mounted Rack Cabinet, Laptop/Phone/Tablet connecting leads, professional installation To PAS 8590:2014, testing and commissioning. Excellent as a stand alone resource Prohall can also be integrated into hall projection systems and additional accessories (mics, speakers, recorders etc) easily added. A higher powered 600w version is also available for larger venues (+£249)