Pied Piper Educational Resources

State of the art technology made affordable for all UK schools.

To mark our twentieth year of serving UK schools, we are proud to announce our Leasing Scheme for Education.
Our prices are the most competitive in the sector, our leasing system is fully compliant with all local authorities, and hardware is fully warrantied for the duration.

We make things simple, move quickly, offer exceptional value and make things happen where others can’t.

• Full installation included where appropriate
• Option to buy at fair market value (typically 25% of original price) at end of lease.
• Option to return equipment at end of lease.
• Purchase payments can be spread over a further one or two years.

Contact us for leasing quotations on all ICT and AV hardware, including Laptops, Desktops, Ipads, Air Conditioning and Wireless Networks…We’ll help you through the process quickly and simply, with a leasing quotation on your desk in 24 hours. Fast turnaround, personal service, great value for money.

Call now on 01304 824194