Air conditioning can reduce energy bills up to 75% and massively reduce carbon emissions associated with traditional heating systems. There are currently a number of large discounts and govt backed interest free loan schemes available to assist schools in taking advantage of these opportunities.
Like technology, the learning environment is also a fundamentally important part of the teaching and learning experience. The advent of warmer and dryer summers over recent years has brought the comfort of teachers and children into sharper focus and elevated climate considerations to a key position when annual budgets are being allocated – and with good reason.

The learning environment has been proven to have a marked effect on pupil performance and behaviour: something that may affect where schools rank in their local authority. It has always been the case that better schools attract better funding opportunities, and the link between the environment in the classroom and a successful school is well established.

Higher temperatures in the classroom do not just impact on staff well-being but have been associated with aggressive behavior and poorer examination results. With average summer temperatures increasing significantly, and with the exam season falling in the hottest months, this is an area that schools senior leadership teams are increasingly engaged.
The education focused AC units we recommend come with built in WiFi capability at no extra charge, meaning the temperature can be controlled in classrooms or offices almost instantly from a mobile phone app, pc or laptop. Air conditioning offers a better way to keep both teaching staff and students comfortable in their learning environment and significantly reduce fuel bills for the school in the winter.

Some of the main benefits are listed below.
• Up to 75% reduction of energy bills • Govt backed interest free loans are available • Consistent temperatures improve concentration • Huge reduction in CO2 emissions and carbon footprint • Consistent temperatures in the classroom improve attendance of students and staff • Overheated classrooms are associated with aggressive behaviour and poor performance • Temperature and the working environment is linked directly to staff well being • 10 year full warranties are now available

We install fixed AC units powered by industry leading compressors and our friendly engineers are fully FGAS certified and members of the IAFE.
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