Grants and Funding

Grants, specially arranged lease/buy schemes and financial support are still available to UK schools looking to improve energy efficiency and tackle climate change.

Fuel bills can be reduced by up to 75% and schools can also enjoy all the additional benefits of summer cooling which studies continue to prove has a potentially significant impact on student performance, concentration and staff well-being.

Air conditioning hugely reduces a school’s carbon footprint and is considerably more efficient and less environmentally damaging than existing gas, electricity or oil based systems. Lease/buy and interest free schemes are often “self-funding” in that repayments are exceeded by the fuel savings, effectively making the supply and installation free of charge.

To learn more please call or email for an informal chat. It would help us greatly if you can obtain a floor plan of the school and, if possible, your last 2 years fuel bills so that we can produce detailed cost analysis and forecast projections for you.

Please also contact us regarding pricing support for servicing of existing air conditioning systems where discounts and support is also available

All our advisers, technicians and survey engineers are fully accredited by the IAFE and liaise directly with appropriate technical and funding agencies to maximise cost savings and lower carbon emissions.

*Funding and grants are subject to review by the awarding body/organisation and may have qualification criteria. Pied Piper will advise of any such criteria and fully assist with the preparation of any application paperwork.