Windowz Desk Partitions

Windowz classroom desk dividers have been designed and manufactured in Britain by experienced educationalists to provide additional classroom management and safety options for schools. Robust and friendly, Windowz can be used to increase classroom capacity or provide a safer environment for group or one to one teaching. Pricing is initially “at cost” to UK schools and colleges from just £11.90 per screen.

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Durability and Hygiene
Robust Design / Solid Desk Fixing

Viral Spread and Hygiene Benefits
Increased protection against viral spread caused by coughing and sneezing etc (Windowz are laminated to prevent the penetration of propelled viral/bacterial droplets and can be sanitised with an appropriate anti-bacterial).
Increased protection against viral spread caused by the sharing and mixing of writing and drawing equipment. Barrier helps prevent and educate children from sharing or mixing writing utensils, stationary, books etc)

Classroom Management, One to One Teaching and Distancing Benefits
Allows teachers to potentially still work one to one with students it in a much safer way.
The screen is finished in friendly colours and designed to be less inhibiting and isolating.
Reinforces national social distancing guidelines – particularly to younger children.
Potentially creates more space or uses less desk resource by allowing the safer use of one desk to 2 children.

Flexible and Durable Construction
Can withstand casual impact from elbows, coats, bags etc.
Semi-permanent installation, proven in high street locations, exhibitions and trade venues.
Easy to replace if damaged or different designs might be required
High transparency to minimise the impact on light and the effects of shadowing
Designed and manufactured in Great Britain

Pricing is initially “at cost” to UK schools and colleges from just £11.90 per screen.
Standard pack size is 25 screens. A sample pack of 15 is available for £197

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