Interactive Projectors


An interactive projector can turn any suitable flat surface into an interactive teaching area.

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Interactive projector technology encompasses solutions that enable the user to actively participate with the projected image on a suitable wall or plain surface.

Typically the presenter is allowed to interact with either the projected image, the projector, or in some cases another device. Interactive Projectors essentially mimic the function of an interactive whiteboard on any surface where the image is projected. This allows the presenter to interact with the projected image with a pen as well as (in some cases) finger-touch interactivity.

Some interactive projectors allow user generated information to be captured, replayed, printed or copied with or without the original projected image. Some also have PC-free annotation functions and enhanced moderator function, as well as split-screen capabilities and ultra-wide multiscreen interactivity. Users can also control additional equipment such as a document camera directly from the projector, and all models come with HDMI inputs, integrated speaker and microphone input.

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We are suppliers of Epson, NEC, Optoma and Hitachi interactive projectors.