DfE funded scheme -School fuel bills reduced up to 75%

Government funded interest free loans and technical support are still available to schools looking to improve energy efficiency and tackle climate change. All UK maintained schools* (including SEN and nursery schools) can apply for the DfE backed loans to install air source heat pumps (air conditioning) in whole or part throughout their classrooms, offices and mobile buildings.

Fuel bills can be reduced by up to 75% with the added benefit of cooling during the Summer months which has been shown to positively affect student performance, concentration and staff well-being.

Air conditioning hugely reduces a school’s carbon footprint and is considerably more efficient and less environmentally damaging than existing gas, electricity or oil based systems. The interest free scheme is designed to be self-funding in that repayments are exceeded by the fuel savings, effectively rendering the supply and installation free of charge.

Applications should be submitted by the 2nd of March, and our specialists provide completely free help and advice including consultancy, site surveys and estimated savings analysis reports. We also ensure that your application is correctly completed, submitted, and monitored to completion.

To learn more please call or email for an informal chat. To prepare a DfE backed funding application it would help us greatly if you can obtain a floor plan of the school and, if possible, your last 2 years fuel bills.

This is a genuinely unique opportunity to significantly reduce costs, put funding back into the classroom and make a positive contribution to tackling climate change. Over 200 maintained schools have already benefited from this DfE fund, and some £15m is still available to place.

Please also contact us regarding pricing support up to 20% for servicing existing air conditioning systems.

All our advisers, technicians and survey engineers are fully accredited by the IAFE and liaise directly with the DfE funding agency to ensure that all applications are accurate and fully compliant.

*Please note that although we are currently waiting for the funding window for academy schools and multi academy trusts to open for 2020 we can still prepare applications in anticipation.